Autumnal Turmoil

November 23rd, 2019

Nearly told work to go do one recently, I came within a gnat’s todger of throwing in the towel, they pissed me off that bad. If you want an industry professional and pay them the wages, you wouldn’t make them fix sticky thermostatic radiator valve pins and re-pressurise little old ladys’ boilers for two fifths of the week, how is that good business sense? Anyway that’s how it is for now as I maintained decorum but not without putting up a fight and I am still employed.

Other things? We are looking to moving in the near future, towards the north it can’t possibly be any more miserable as it is down here in the south coast, the wife and I have spoken a lot about it, done some sums and have come to the conclusion that the children are at an age where it will create minimum impact to their lives, another two years and it might not be possible. Housing is cheaper and work in my industries is abundant.

My sister has had a rough year, she lost her best friend to cancer late last year followed by another close friend then her dog had to be put down just before her husband walked out on her last week. I have been doing what I can, fixed her tumble dryer, gave advice on the wiring of her almost completed new porch, cuddles etc. I’m worried about her but I know she is strong willed, I walked in on my Mum sobbing her heart out saying how sorry she felt for her, it’s tough seeing people you love suffer when you feel powerless to make a difference knowing they just have to see it through themselves. I can only offer a cup of tea, a shoulder and a big hug.

Oh and Christmas 2019 is in the Highlands of Scotland this year, will be different for sure.


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  • 1. chain  |  December 19th, 2019 at 12:27 am

    Sorry to hear about work fella, It must be one of those years I’ve been having a mare as well, at least I can just leave and get another contract. No excuse for the way businesses seem to have started to treat people though.

    Not great news for your sis either, lost for words fella. 🙁

    So you are thinking of moving further north, any hints on where? I have to admit life is better up here, but I do miss a lot of people, yes even you :p.

    Highlands for Xmas eh, they do have great experiences.. Edinburgh is amazing and there is a science centre well worth a visit!

    Take care GM7SZA

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