Hey it’s half way through 2019…

July 13th, 2019

Had a little look back at some of my posts and realise I kinda enjoyed writing about stuff here, so here I am. It appears the previous entries were aimed more towards friends I knew who used to read this, later on as the mists of time settled across the years I drifted to writing mostly after I’d had a drink; now I don’t drink hence the dwindling of entries of late.

A completely new mindset have overcome me, reality is really a creation of your own conscious thoughts, my reality had changed somewhat radically over the past couple of years, I guess I not having that serotonin sucking alcohol running through my veins helps. I’ve also discovered Wendy, a Medium lady from Southampton I used to know back in the days of the IOW, was right about a heart problem I have, an operation corrected some profound ectopic beats back in April and a cause for concern over my cholesterol levels including plaque deposits in my coronary arteries was highlighted, I’m now on Statins and will need 3 monthly visits to Cardiology at the District General, comes post misspent childhood shenanigans I guess… some maybe not quite so childhood.

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  • 1. Shane  |  July 28th, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Good to hear your getting the health issues under control.
    We’re all getting old fella, as long as you look after yourself that’s the main thing.

    How you’re not melting in the heat 🙂

    Stay frosty

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