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April 7th, 2018

Where are we today? Look at this place we live in, intoxicated with hate and division. So many different people trying to force so many different ideas, it will just not hold ground. That apocalypse I have been fearing since I was a kid has truly come to be, with recent huge changes in the ratio of global power enforced by the let’s leave Europe vote of the UK and the inauguration of president Donald Trump has reinforced my beliefs (ten fold) that we are heading for Armageddon. As a teenager I questioned why decisions that were made by politicians for the seemingly good of society were clearly fatally flawed, now I get it. You need to join the club, you have to answer to God, the Bible. I have been barraged by all my peers all my life that the Bible is nonsense, a story made up to contain order among men. But with little study I see that it goes deep, very deep. My father who I am sure would not mind me saying is an atheist put something in my mind, why do so many highly intelligent and accomplished people, and people in positions of power adhere to this ideology? Because it is an ideology of survival, what ever has been planned for our demise the one escape may be God. ‘In the eye of man’ God is man, all who have questioned the word of God question themselves, the destruction of society as we know it has been formulated by us. For the good of man, join ranks with those who are on a mission to save us just to be part of a group, righteous and forgiving to try and survive these end days.

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