Life in Prison.

April 30th, 2017

I get mildly irritated by the constant bombardment of memes and the like professing that my life is nothing but a prison and that the only meaning of my life is subservience to the system. Yes we pay rent and taxes and buy food and clothing but what I do to earn the money to pay for these things is far simpler and enjoyable (to a limit) for me than having to farm land, make clothes, build houses and establish law and order & national security, oh don’t forget free health care. Although I agree there is a huge and unfair disparity in income between the classes and there are unfair financial rewards/gains associated with certain sectors of the economy, I could not possibly from this point see another way without massively disruptive changes. I am trying to keep my views simple, for example if I want to buy some new clothes for my daughters I will go and help some people who have problems that I can help them with, they will pay me and I will go to a shop and use that income to pay for the clothes I couldn’t possibly make myself, of course I could by some eggs and bacon for tomorrow’s breakfast with the change as I don’t own chickens or have an abattoir in my shed let alone pigs roaming my back yard.

So stop telling me that I am a prisoner. Roaming the forests hunting for food and trying to gain winter warmth in makeshift shelters may seem intrinsic in our evolutionary psyche and occasionally desirable, but it didn’t yield good health, happiness or longevity. I am happier living more comfortably and paying for my means via a system of government, albeit imperfect it is all we have, I also tend to find the misdoings of those in power are greatly exaggerated by the media. We should all be working together to iron out the great divisions and nurture our society rather than providing the time and effort toward an alternative illusion that can do nothing but harm us.

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