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Is it Time?

What better opportunity do I have to prepare for apocalypse, I am off work but being paid, not much but enough to keep the cogs turning. So why do I dwell? Today I cemented some slabs on the patio…WOAHH!!! that will fight off the anarchists kicking in my door to rape my family wont it…no. I could teach my son Ninja techniques but he’s a snowflake. Get my wife fit now she’s had her back sorted, maybe train her in some jujitsu we’ll see. Firearms training, another thought, Joe has a bit of field training but doesn’t have the personality of a leader. In all honesty I just want the shit to hit the fan asap so we can deal with it, then humanity can carry on without the bullshit we have had delivered to us for decades past.

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2020 Oops!

Interesting situation we are in don’t you think? Or maybe not and you just remain indoors wearing a mask and swilling isopropanol. Whatever your feelings about this pandemic, disappointing as it is, there’s something afoot, even if it wasn’t pre-planned which it could have been, those in power will be taking this as an opportunity to gain more control and manipulate strategies into existence against the masses as I type no doubt whatsoever. So get prepared, I have got one job in life, feed my family, by whatever means.

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2020 etc.

Wahey 2020. One thing I keep telling myself is all I’ve ever worried about in the past has never come to fruition. Now I worry about the annihilation of Europe by 2025, the possibility that Revelations is guiding us towards a man made exit plan and that I wont be able to buy cucumbers in the winter! What is wrong with me? With global warming and all I should just get me a greenhouse in Canada, sorted. Now how do I get there, the North Atlantic is a pretty hostile environment at times and depending on my mode of transport, could take weeks. How about via Iceland and Greenland? Why not just settle in Iceland, because when I googled ‘Cucumbers in Iceland’ I just found Reykjavik Gin. Pre-Emptive emigration could be a consideration, but with all the barriers it’s unlikely a twat like me would stand a chance. How about form a survivalist group and recruit the necessary skilled individuals to not only travel but eventually set up a functioning society in a possible hostile environment. Whatever, I feel it is time to move on and move far, I don’t know why; a voice in my head, a knot in my stomach or just because. How could I ever live without cucumbers.

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Autumnal Turmoil

Nearly told work to go do one recently, I came within a gnat’s todger of throwing in the towel, they pissed me off that bad. If you want an industry professional and pay them the wages, you wouldn’t make them fix sticky thermostatic radiator valve pins and re-pressurise little old ladys’ boilers for two fifths of the week, how is that good business sense? Anyway that’s how it is for now as I maintained decorum but not without putting up a fight and I am still employed.

Other things? We are looking to moving in the near future, towards the north it can’t possibly be any more miserable as it is down here in the south coast, the wife and I have spoken a lot about it, done some sums and have come to the conclusion that the children are at an age where it will create minimum impact to their lives, another two years and it might not be possible. Housing is cheaper and work in my industries is abundant.

My sister has had a rough year, she lost her best friend to cancer late last year followed by another close friend then her dog had to be put down just before her husband walked out on her last week. I have been doing what I can, fixed her tumble dryer, gave advice on the wiring of her almost completed new porch, cuddles etc. I’m worried about her but I know she is strong willed, I walked in on my Mum sobbing her heart out saying how sorry she felt for her, it’s tough seeing people you love suffer when you feel powerless to make a difference knowing they just have to see it through themselves. I can only offer a cup of tea, a shoulder and a big hug.

Oh and Christmas 2019 is in the Highlands of Scotland this year, will be different for sure.


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Hello Blog.

Kind of unsure of what to write here. The world hasn’t ended yet, there’s a positive. I try to contain my thinking, but I’m worrying now that is exacerbating my depression, maybe, work is dull, I have limited energy to continue after-likes and create something that may help with positivity. The sad thing is, I am looking to retirement to actually be who I need to be, but there’s a very good chance I will completely destroy myself in the run up. No wonder there is a revolution looming.

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Maccy D’ s at 3.30pm

Feels a little guilty I guess, I kinda didn’t miss lunch either, I has an egg and ham salad from Tesco. Must let the wife know I don’t want dinner today, I do have some soup left from yesterday, I made it for the kids but when I sprinkled some pepper in the lid fell off and the whole pot emptied onto it! I did manage to scrape the worst of it out but it was mighty spicy, Ava doesn’t mind a bit of heat and managed to eat it with 3 slices of bread. I will just have a bowl later as a sorta…supper. 😋 Right home we go, just killing some time as there’s very little work ATM, I reckon they might fall in line with domestic and change the hours to 8-3.30 for the summer in future, or sack some engineers…Last in First out I say, that’ll be me safe being the only original commercial guy on the firm. 😂

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Hey it’s half way through 2019…

Had a little look back at some of my posts and realise I kinda enjoyed writing about stuff here, so here I am. It appears the previous entries were aimed more towards friends I knew who used to read this, later on as the mists of time settled across the years I drifted to writing mostly after I’d had a drink; now I don’t drink hence the dwindling of entries of late.

A completely new mindset have overcome me, reality is really a creation of your own conscious thoughts, my reality had changed somewhat radically over the past couple of years, I guess I not having that serotonin sucking alcohol running through my veins helps. I’ve also discovered Wendy, a Medium lady from Southampton I used to know back in the days of the IOW, was right about a heart problem I have, an operation corrected some profound ectopic beats back in April and a cause for concern over my cholesterol levels including plaque deposits in my coronary arteries was highlighted, I’m now on Statins and will need 3 monthly visits to Cardiology at the District General, comes post misspent childhood shenanigans I guess… some maybe not quite so childhood.

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Stuff Today

Where are we today? Look at this place we live in, intoxicated with hate and division. So many different people trying to force so many different ideas, it will just not hold ground. That apocalypse I have been fearing since I was a kid has truly come to be, with recent huge changes in the ratio of global power enforced by the let’s leave Europe vote of the UK and the inauguration of president Donald Trump has reinforced my beliefs (ten fold) that we are heading for Armageddon. As a teenager I questioned why decisions that were made by politicians for the seemingly good of society were clearly fatally flawed, now I get it. You need to join the club, you have to answer to God, the Bible. I have been barraged by all my peers all my life that the Bible is nonsense, a story made up to contain order among men. But with little study I see that it goes deep, very deep. My father who I am sure would not mind me saying is an atheist put something in my mind, why do so many highly intelligent and accomplished people, and people in positions of power adhere to this ideology? Because it is an ideology of survival, what ever has been planned for our demise the one escape may be God. ‘In the eye of man’ God is man, all who have questioned the word of God question themselves, the destruction of society as we know it has been formulated by us. For the good of man, join ranks with those who are on a mission to save us just to be part of a group, righteous and forgiving to try and survive these end days.

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Life in Prison.

I get mildly irritated by the constant bombardment of memes and the like professing that my life is nothing but a prison and that the only meaning of my life is subservience to the system. Yes we pay rent and taxes and buy food and clothing but what I do to earn the money to pay for these things is far simpler and enjoyable (to a limit) for me than having to farm land, make clothes, build houses and establish law and order & national security, oh don’t forget free health care. Although I agree there is a huge and unfair disparity in income between the classes and there are unfair financial rewards/gains associated with certain sectors of the economy, I could not possibly from this point see another way without massively disruptive changes. I am trying to keep my views simple, for example if I want to buy some new clothes for my daughters I will go and help some people who have problems that I can help them with, they will pay me and I will go to a shop and use that income to pay for the clothes I couldn’t possibly make myself, of course I could by some eggs and bacon for tomorrow’s breakfast with the change as I don’t own chickens or have an abattoir in my shed let alone pigs roaming my back yard.

So stop telling me that I am a prisoner. Roaming the forests hunting for food and trying to gain winter warmth in makeshift shelters may seem intrinsic in our evolutionary psyche and occasionally desirable, but it didn’t yield good health, happiness or longevity. I am happier living more comfortably and paying for my means via a system of government, albeit imperfect it is all we have, I also tend to find the misdoings of those in power are greatly exaggerated by the media. We should all be working together to iron out the great divisions and nurture our society rather than providing the time and effort toward an alternative illusion that can do nothing but harm us.

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A Birthday

There is a birthday today of a friend of mine, we were once very close and it was a wonderful and very natural partnership, things arise though with life stuff and the obvious divergence of ideals over the years hindered communication. I have figured that a lot of the issues with my relationships with friends has been my inability to connect, I cannot just be natural and now I see why many of my friendships failed. I know how to be friendly to people which is the problem, I have sat quietly all my life mostly in the background and analysed how people interact in different situations and what the possible reactions & outcomes and could be, that is how I know how to be friendly but it isn’t natural to me. Now I understand that people just have this superposition where it is totally natural for them to react to others’ (questions, emotions, statements and general rhetoric) in a plausible, accepting and socially edifying way. Me? I always say the wrong thing, put my foot in my mouth or just create an uncomfortable situation in my group, because I struggle in social situations. What helped my ability to mingle was drink, so I drank in all social situations and when I drank I got more detached from peoples’ emotions and more wrongly outspoken. I am ashamed about this and I have spoken to professionals to help me one day resurrect that feeling of friendship I once had with my favourite people. Only because I miss having friends.

My daughter Sophie has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and she is ‘EXACTLY’ like I was, the more I learn about her condition and the more I research Aspergers and the more I speak to the professionals looking after Sophie the more I understand my own state. Even consultants dealing with my PKU that is totally unrelated to Aspergers have indicated that PKU people somehow show these traits.

So to wrap it up I can only apologise to my old mates if I was too much to handle, especially on the ‘say what you think’ front, I am the last in the world who would want to upset people, I cope by being the guy in the group sitting back trying to understand rather than acting on impulse but occasionally my actions precede my thought.
Happy birthday to my best mate Cam.

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